Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Smart Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation

Normally solar cells are placed in a ground in one direction only. But sun moves in a elliptical path. So only few hours the sunlight falls into the cell. During the rest of the hours the percentage of Sunlight, which falls into the cell, is very less, which results in less amount of energy generation.

To overcome this problem we can construct a model where we can place the solar cell in it and which can move in elliptical path .To track the sunlight. This is achieved with the help of light intensity sensors. The sensors are fixed into the model in an elliptical path. So depending on the sunlight the sensors output differs. So according position the solar panel, which results in good efficiency. (i.e.).the solar cell can produce energy by tracking the sunlight with the help of sensors and mechanical model. The Movement is controlled by a PIC Microcontroller. Also we have an LCD Display to Show the Generated Cell Voltage and Current.

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weide said...

Wow, that's interesting. It will increase the efficieny that light is absorbed.